Terms and Conditions

Sites that are hosted by SimGames.net are expected to abide by all the terms and conditions set forth below. Under rare conditions, certain exceptions may be made for individual sites with special concerns. By visiting any SimGames.net website or using any Services, you are signifying your assent to these Terms. We may revise these Terms from time to time by posting a revised version. YOUR CONTINUED USE OF ANY OF THE WEBSITE OR SERVICES AFTER WE POST ANY CHANGES WILL CONSTITUTE YOUR ACCEPTANCE OF SUCH CHANGES.

  • Bronze and Silver package members may not host other sites. Before a member may request an upgrade to the Gold package, he or she must demonstrate that they have built a complete, active web site.
  • Gold package members may host sites but will be held responsible for ensuring that these sites follow the same terms and conditions as their own site. Failure to do so may result in the lost of the ability to offer hosting on a permanent basis.
  • Sites must always display ad banner code on every page. This includes portals, splash pages, and most other types of pages. If you utilize small popup windows to display images or files, you may omit banners from these pages. Gold package members that host sites, must ensure that all hosted sites display advertising banners as well. Failure to do so may result in the loss of hosting privileges. You may view details banner guidelines here.
  • Members must continue to maintain active sites in the area of their content choice or an acceptable different content choice. Sites that change their primary focus to a topic unrelated to approved themes will be considered for account termination, unless an agreement to the contrary already exists. If you plan to change your site’s focus and are unsure whether the topic is acceptable, please contact the hosting manager and he’ll be happy to let you know.
  • Members may sell items in online stores, such as software or t-shirts, however no site may ever charge visitors for access to any portion or section of a site or resell server resources in any way. Sites found doing this will be subject to immediate suspension.
  • Member sites may not run any software on SimGames.net that produces a constant draw on the CPU, such as server software or chat bots.
  • Member sites may not adversely affect the overall performance of the server. If a site severely exceeds normal bandwidth, disk space, or general server usage, the site will be considered abusive and will be suspended.
  • Your site must never host any copyrighted, illegal, or offensive media files, including, but not limited to, movies, music (MP3, OGG, WMA, etc.), full software downloads (warez), hacking tools, and pornographic materials.
  • Your use of any scripts or software on SimGames.net must comply with all licensing agreements and terms provided by the script’s publisher. If the policies or limitations of a particular product or script conflict with those of SimGames.net, the software may not be used on our servers.
  • Members may not use SimGames.net hosting as a portal or fileserver for another site, located on another server, or as personal storage space for private use. Content posted on SimGames.net hosting is expected to be provided for the public use of fellow gaming fans.
  • SimGames.net reserves the right to audit, and/or perform penetration testing services on all sites hosted by SimGames.net without any prior notice for security, compliance, and any other reasons through an internal or external firm. Additionally, SimGames.net reserves the right to specify the scope of the audit or penetration test. Under no circumstances is SimGames.net required to disclose or share the results of the assessments and audits.
  • SimGames.net makes no warranty of uptime, reliability or security of your data. We vow to do our best to maintain a reliable and secure server, but we request that you back up your site regularly for your own benefit. You may contact the hosting manager for a current compressed archive containing the files from your site.
  • This Agreement is governed by the Laws of Illinois, and United States.
  • In addition to these terms, you are bound by all official terms set by our parent company, Steadfast Networks. Please familiarize yourself with these terms as well.

Approved Themes

SimGames.net accepts established sites and blogs centered around the following themes. By no means is the following a comprehensive list.

  • Video Games Titles (eg. The Sims, SimCity, Planet Coaster, Action, Adventure, Role-Playing, Simulation, Strategy, etc.)
  • PC, Mac, Console, Handheld, Mobile, Android, iOS, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality
  • Gaming Hardware
  • Mobile Gaming
  • Technology

Consequences of Violations

Failure to comply with the terms and conditions may jeopardize your hosting account.

For most minor violations, such as missing advertising banners, the member will be issued a warning, by email or instant message. The user will be given two weeks to correct the issue, unless circumstances prevent this. If no action is taken by the member in this time, the site will be suspended until the issue can be resolved.

If SimGames.net is contacted by a script or software publisher alleging the unlicensed or illegal use of scripts or software the member will be notified and given five days to either remove the software or produce proof of a valid license to the software. If no action is taken after five days, SimGames.net administrators reserve the right to manually remove the software from the server.

Any indication that a Gold package site has changed its focus from gaming to hosting will result in a warning, followed by eventual reduction to the Silver package plan. Any indication the any member site’s focus has changed to a topic outside those allowed by SimGames.net will result in a warning, followed by eventual account termination.

In the case of repeated disregard for guidelines by sites hosted by a SimGames.net member, the member will be given no fewer than two warnings. If the member disregards the warnings, Level 2 domain plan access will be revoked and all content related to the member’s hosted sites will be removed.

Repeat offenders of any guidelines will be dealt increasingly harsh consequences, up to and including eventual account termination.

For more severe issues, such as the uploading of small amounts of illegal content, the issue will be manually corrected by the server administrator and the site will be issued a warning. If the member intentionally violates the given term again, the site will be permanently deleted.

If a site is found to be using excessive bandwidth or causing interference with normal server operations, the site will be immediately suspended, and the member will be issued a notice. We will make our best efforts to work out these issues to avoid having to permanently revoke hosting from the member.

In the case of excessive disk usage that causes immediate adverse effects to the server, the member’s site will be immediately deleted.

Terms and Conditions November 26, 2017