Thank you for your interest in’s Free Web Hosting. Before your hosting services can be activated, you must agree to the terms set below. These terms were last revised on November 26, 2017.

It has come to our attention that a number of sites are linking to as an unlimited free host. These sites do not make it adequately clear that is for English gaming and technology themed web sites only. If you are not here applying for hosting for an English gaming web site, your application will be discarded (as you have obviously not read this page), and you will receive no reply. Please do not apply for hosting unless you have read this entire page and understand the terms.

What You Get has three classifications of hosting, subdomain hosting and two levels of domain hosting. Each “plan” is advertising-supported and free, however silver and gold packages requires that you first acquire the domain name through a registrar. The gold package is not available immediately upon signup unless your site already meets the establishment requirements. Users with established web sites may request an upgrade to gold package to begin offering hosting services to other people.

An established site is defined as a web site that is updated at least 2-3 times per week over the course of a month with new information and demonstrable content. A site which merely posts news every few days about the site or has an active forum is not considered established. The site must regularly add content of the type appropriate for its topic. For example, a The Sims site should be continuing to add new downloadable content, screenshots, or articles. A gaming network might be expected to regularly post new reviews and previews of games. Sites for gaming clans are unlikely to be allowed to upgrade to gold package unless they can justify the need to be able to offer hosting services to other people. The idea behind this policy is to for member sites to prove that they are dedicated to providing quality gaming content for their visitors, and that they are not merely trying to gain access to so that they can run a “hosting network” or use the site for personal projects and free hosting for friends.

Bronze Package

No subdomains
6 Additional FTP Accounts
4 MySQL Databases
Free Basic Tech Support

Silver Package

Your own URL
4 subdomains
6 Additional FTP Accounts
4 MySQL Databases
Free Basic Tech Support

Gold Package

Your own URL
Unlimited subdomains
Unlimited Additional FTP Accounts
Unlimited MySQL Databases
Free Basic Tech Support

All hosting plans include the following:

  • Server Resources
    • Unlimited Premium Bandwidth (Transfer Traffic)
    • Unlimited Disk Space
    • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Protection
  • Scripting & Database Support
    • CGI & Perl 5.8
    • PHP
    • SSI (Server Side Includes)
    • MySQL Databases

  • Email Features
    • Unlimited POP3/IMAP Email Accounts
    • Unlimited Email Forwarding
    • Unlimited Email Autoresponders
    • Optional SpamAssassin Filtering
    • Optional Clam AntiVirus Filtering
    • Email Catch All Support
    • IMAP Webmail


Apply For Hosting Now!

If you believe your site meets our guidelines and complies with the terms and conditions for hosting with, please complete an application. If possible, have a site preview ready for review, as we’ll look more favorably on established sites and sites with a well-designed preview, than sites with no preview or a whim.

You will be taken to an application site to fill out information regarding your site. This application site does NOT automatically create a hosting account for you. It merely is a tool for evaluating your candidacy with us at Applications that meet our criteria are created by us, AFTER we’ve determined your eligibility. Due to the services we offer, we require mandatory evaluations of all candidates. Just because you fill out an application does not automatically guarantee you will be accepted by our network.

Important Note: Due to our guidelines and the volume of email received, applications that request hosting without providing any details will be ignored. Be sure to include a description of your site and/or screenshots, samples, or links to your existing site for reference. We want to know what your site is about, what you plan to offer, and why you need us to host you.

Free Hosting November 26, 2017